Longevity Box NAD Blood Test

Longevity Box NAD Blood Test

✅ Actionable recommendations for NAD optimisation ✅ Small Finger Prick Sample ✅ First and only NAD test for consumers
Longevity Box DNA & Epigenetics Test Kit

Longevity Box DNA & Epigenetics Test Kit

Longeveity Box Epigenetics Test Kit

Longeveity Box Epigenetics Test Kit

What is NAD and why is it important to measure?

Every living cell contains the vital coenzyme: NAD.

It serves as a catalyst for over 500 enzymes, including those responsible for generating cellular energy known as ATP. NAD levels decline with age and insufficient levels of NAD have been closely associated with a decline in function and vitality, as well as several age-related diseases.

Its presence is crucial for numerous cellular processes that range from DNA repair to prevent cancer, elimination of aging cells, regulation of mitochondrial function, sleep and immune response, and reduction of inflammation and free radicals.

NAD levels decline with age

By the time we're 40, levels have plummeted by 50% and by age 60 that has fallen further to 80%.

How NAD Impacts All Of The Hallmarks of Aging

Boosting your NAD is a core component in slowing the aging process. It is a critical part of many metabolic processes and pathways that are related to lifespan and healthspan.

  • Epigenetic alteration

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  • Loss of proteostasis

    We make the latest cutting edge longevity science available and easily understandable

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction

    We make the latest cutting edge longevity science available and easily understandable

  • Cellular senescence

    We make the latest cutting edge longevity science available and easily understandable

  • Deregulated nutrient sensing

    We make the latest cutting edge longevity science available and easily understandable

Powerfully Simple Testing

Our NAD test delivers easy-to-understand results and insights, providing valuable resources and advice for improving and maintaining your NAD levels.

View a personalised report based on your NAD test results as well as detailed information about what your results mean for you.

Empowering you to take action on your future healthspan. Use your report to help guide your next steps to further optimize your NAD levels.

How the NAD test works

It could not be simpler

  • Use the unique ID number included with your test kit to register.

  • Use finger prick to make blood spots, mail back to our lab.

  • View your report & recommendation in 3-7 days on our secure website.

  • The Profound Benefits Of Optimising NAD Levels

    Achieving optimal NAD levels has multiple benefits

    • Increased cellular energy (ATP)
    • Improved endurance and strength
    • Improved DNA repair
    • Better skin
    • Reduced oxidative stress
    • Improved blood plasma lipid profiles
    • Improved glucose intolerance and insulin sensitivity
    • suppress age-associated weight gain
    • Improved cognition
    • Deeper sleep
    • Improved bone density
    • Improved nerve-tissue generation

    We test intracellular NAD

    The majority of NAD resides inside the cell where it was originally produced until it reaches the cells and tissues that is to consumer it. This is the most important site for NAD and therefore our focus when looking to test for, and boost NAD levels

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    Jinfiniti is a scientist led, data driven diagnostic company that is dedicated to empowering clinicians and individuals to optimize their health, performance and longevity. Jinfiniti does this by developing and analyzing unique and actionable biomarkers with a unique at-home NAD test.

    How You Can Boost NAD levels

    NAD precursors

    Supplements like NMN ant NR have been shown to boost NAD levels and support many biological processes.

    Prevent enzymes that consume NAD

    NAD is continually used up by various enzymes, such as CD38, Sirtuins, and PARP. CD38 breaks down NAD and its levels increase during inflammation and aging. Some supplements like quercetin and apigenin have been found to effectively prevent CD38 from breaking down NAD in studies. Blocking CD38 could significantly affect the levels of NAD.

    Enhance enzymes that make NAD

    NAMPT and NMNAT are two important enzymes our cells use to create NAD. The levels of these enzymes and the overall levels of NAD can be influenced by various factors like supplements, general health, and lifestyle choices including diet, sleep, and exercise. However, simply changing these factors alone is not enough to fully optimise NAD for most people. The best approach to optimize NAD levels is a combination of NAD precursors and a healthy lifestyle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Browse through some of our most commonly asked questions below.

    Do I need to provide a blood sample?

    Do I need to provide a blood sample? The sample required is a simple at-home finger prick test to make a few blood spots on a provided sample card.

    What's The Difference Between NAD, NADh, And NAD+?

    NAD, NADH, and NAD+ are all important molecules that play a role in our cells' energy production. Think of them as little helpers that help our cells function properly.

    NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It's a molecule that helps our cells convert the food we eat into energy. NAD is like a battery that stores and carries energy around our cells.

    Moving on to NADH. The "H" in NADH stands for "reduced." When NAD gains an extra hydrogen atom, it becomes NADH. You can think of NADH as a charged battery because it's carrying extra energy. It's like a full battery that's ready to power our cells.

    Lastly, we have NAD+. The "+" in NAD+ stands for "oxidized." When NADH gives away that extra hydrogen atom, it turns back into NAD+. You can think of NAD+ as a depleted battery. It has given away its extra energy and needs to be recharged.

    So, in summary:

    NAD is like a battery that stores and carries energy.

    NADH is like a charged battery, full of energy.

    NAD+ is like a depleted battery that needs to be recharged.

    Our cells constantly convert NAD to NADH and back to NAD+ as part of their energy-producing processes. It's like a cycle that keeps our cells running smoothly.

    Is this diagnostic test available outside of the UK?

    Yes, we ship worldwide. Please see our shipping page for countries and costs.

    Will this test diagnose disease?

    No, this test allows you to test your NAD levels at home. It is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment. Measuring NAD will not lead to gaining new insight into a specific disease. Being deficient of NAD may contribute to age-related diseases but this test will not identify or diagnose those diseases.

    Will this test tell me the optimum dosage of NMN or NR?

    No, this test can help you monitor NAD levels if you are taking NAD precursors but it will not inform you exactly how much of a specific supplement to take.

    How do ship my sample?

    Your sample must be shipped to the lab in the USA and arrive within 10 days. Unfortunately, we do not provide a prepaid label for this as our customers are across the world countries; therefore, there are too many shipping options for us to cater for this.

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