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The 11 Best Biological Age Tests

Biological Age Test - Quantifying Your Real Age Using 11 Proven methods “How old are you?” can be an uncomfortable question sometimes, especially as we age in life. Feeling self-conscious about how we appear as we age can cause us to, instead of answering directly, ask our peers to...

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What Is MTOR and How Does It Affect Aging?

MTOR plays a vital role in human metabolism and is known to influence growth, disease, aging, and longevity in various studies, and can be super beneficial for an increase in vitality, health, and bodily processes. Balancing the mTOR pathway is an essential strategy to live a radically longer...

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The Ultimate Guide to TMG & NMN and How They Support Longevity

Is there a way to make NMN even more effective? With new research carried out everyday, we find ourselves closer to being able to increasingly slow ageing. The use of NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) has become more popular as more people begin to see its effect.  But as with everything...

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Sleep and Your Circadian Rhythm: How it Impacts Aging

Sleep and the circadian rhythm are intimately linked. The circadian rhythm is a natural cycle that regulates sleep, food intake, and body temperature. When you are not getting enough sleep, your body’s biological clock is thrown off balance, impacting your aging process. Most of us are familiar with...

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