Phenotypic Biological Age Calculator Blood Test (Essential Blood Test)

Phenotypic Biological Age Calculator Blood Test (Essential Blood Test)

Gain valuable insight into your health with tests for diabetes, iron, cholesterol, inflammation, and kidney and liver function.
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Optimal Health Blood Test

Optimal Health Blood Test

Learn Your True Biological Age
Discover your DNA health
Learn how to maximse health and performance

Uncover and reduce your biological age with our DNA and Epigenetic Test. Rejuvenate your mind and body by reversing the signs of cellular aging.

Gain Insight into Your Health: Identify potential risks and minimize their impact.

Unlock insights into your body's response to different foods and supplement combinations.

Our genes are not defined at birth!

The long-standing view that you inherited your genes are set in stone is wrong! Cutting-edge research shows that your genes react to your environment and experiences. Simple changes to the way we live can have a powerful impact how your genes are expressed, and how they effect your health.

No More Guessing

Finally learn how your DNA shapes your unique health needs.

You. In The Keys of Life

Think of your body as a piano. Your genes (DNA) as the keys, your life is the song that’s being played, and epigenetics are the fingers striking the keys to play your life’s song.

When playing the piano, lifestyle behaviors materially affect whether or not a key is played and the outcome of the intended song.

Unlock the secrets of your genetic health

What your genetic health report will tell you

  • Health Risks

    Caffeine Sensitivity Genetic Bone Mineral Density Genetic Obesity Genetic Type 2 Diabetes Genetic Hypertension Genetic Infection (Cold/Flu)

  • Dietary Response

    Likelihood to Snack
    Fat Distribution
    Yoyo Diet Response
    Lactose Intolerance Risk
    Saturated Fats
    Unsaturated Fats
    Sugar Response
    Sweet Taste
    Bitter Taste
    Metabolic Rate

  • Physical Performance

    Exercise Effect on Weight
    Muscle Power
    Muscle Stamina
    Power to Weight
    Anaerobic Threshold
    Lean Body Mass
    O2 Usage / VO2 Max
    Muscle Mass

  • Micronutrient Impact

    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B6
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin D

  • Supplement benefit

    Genetic Beta

Not Just One Age

Different areas of our body age at different rates. Discover how your body is aging and what you can do about it.

  • Your biological age is a true reflection of your inner health and can vary from your chronological age. Discover your true age and find out ways to improve it so your inner self stays youthful.

  • Insights In To Your Longevity

    Where you are and what you need to do to improve your healthspan


    • Biological age
    • Eye age
    • Hearing age
    • Memory age
    • Inflamation
    • Physical health
    • Diet
    • Vitamin needs
    • Stress
    • Sleep
    • Anti-aging
    • Risk of injury
    • Mental health
    • Gut health
    • Heart health
    • Immunity
    • Eye health
    • Skin health
    • Muscle health
    • General health

    Full sprectrum insights

    Detailed insights across 20 categories of health, giving you the best understanding of your long-term health.

    Personalised Recomendations

    Health and wellness recomendations for every area of your health, including food, supplements and exercise.

    Monitor Progress

    Track your epigenetic age over time and how your efforts are postively impacting your lifespan.

    Powered by Muhdo

    We have partnered with Muhdo to bring you the most comprehensive Epigenetic Test in the UK.
    Muhdo is at the forefront of epigenetic science. Using progressive Epigenetic testing, their advanced bioinformatics calculates your exact age, and their experts recommend ways to improve your health based on your results.

    More Insights. More Value.

    DNA Personalised Workout Planner

    A personalised workout plan that is aligned to your DNA. Your workout schedule is available in our handy app. You can even choose which health objective you want to achieve and the dynamic platform will adapt if you change your mind.

    How It Works

    The simple path to knowing your genetic results for imporived wellness and overall health

    • Sample

      Return your saliva sample to us

    • Analysed

      Your DNA sample is analyised by our epigenetics experts

    • Report

      Your Epigenetic report is generated

    • Mobile

      View your results on the Muhdo mobile app

    • Support

      Ongoing help and suport is available from the dedicated DNA and Epigenetics experts

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Browse through some of our most commonly asked questions below.

    Do I have to have blood taken?

    No. Whilst some Epigentic tests require a blood sample, our DNA & Epigenetics test is taken from a simple at-home saliva sample.

    How long will it take to get my results?

    Our test is delivered in two parts; one for the DNA results and another for the Epigenetic results. The DNA results are typically delivered within X weeks, while the Epigenetics results take a bit longer and are delivered in Y weeks.

    How can I track epigenetic changes?

    By taking an epigenetic and DNA re-test every year or two, you can track your biological age over time, allowing you to see the effects of changes you've made to diet or exercise.

    Will this diagnose health problems?

    No, DNA tests will not diagnose specific health issues. However, by taking a proactive approach and gaining a deeper understanding of your genetic makeup and its relation to health risks, you will be able to make lifestyle changes and achieve better health and wellbeing. This test offers valuable insights into your overall well-being, shedding light on how lifestyle adjustments can have a positive influence on your health.

    Do I have to pay for sending my sample?

    No, there is free delivery on orders from Longevity Box on all orders over £35. We ship the sample pack to you which includes a prepaid returns label for your sample to be sent to our lab.

    What is DNA methylation?

    DNA methylation expression is a process that regulates gene activity by adding or removing chemical groups called methyl groups to DNA. These modifications can turn genes "on" or "off" by affecting their accessibility to cellular machinery. Methylation influences cell specialization, development, and bodily functions. It is studied to understand its impact on biology and health, including diseases like cancer. In summary, DNA methylation expression controls gene activity through chemical modifications, shaping development and impacting biological processes.

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