Longeveity Box Epigenetics Test Kit

Discover your true biological age and learn the exact steps to reverse it. Unlock your long-term health by understanding your genetic health.
100+ DNA health insight
11 detailed reports
Simple saliva sample
Longevity Box NAD Blood Test

Longevity Box NAD Blood Test

Organic Lion's Mane Capsules

Organic Lion's Mane Capsules

  • Discover the truth about your genes and your body
  • Your launchpad into personal DNA discovery with 100+ DNA health insight reports
  • Unlock the genetic traits that influence your overall health and wellbeing
  • Hyper-personalised workout planner and a meal guide with 100’s of recipes
  • 11 detailed reports for whole-body health, including anti-aging, heart, eye, gut, immunity and skin health


2 tests. DNA -300+ health reports from 1,000 analysed genetic markers. Free Workout and Meal Planner aligned to your DNA. 4 dynamic health objectives to help you achieve your goals. All in a unique mobile app. Epigenetics – Discover your true biological age and learn how to reverse it. Unlock your true potential and track your genetic health.


The science of Longevity is growing at breakneck speed and tens of BILLIONS of dollars are being invested in solutions to help us all slow aging. But until 'Longevity Escape Velocity' has been achieved, we should all be more like Turritopsis Dohrnii jellyfish - which do not age - and we should invest in our long-term health with a healthy lifestyle, supported by longevity supplements.

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