Met4min - High Purity Blood Sugar Formula

The High Purity Pathway to an Energetic, Healthy Life featuring an optimal dose of berberine combined with three more key compounds.
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Independently Tested
99% Purity
60-day money back guarantee
Magnesium Complex Supplement

Magnesium Complex Supplement

Pure Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate - CA-AKG Supplement

Pure Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate - CA-AKG Supplement

  • Exceptional 99% purity 
  • Fast absorption and high potency
  • Features premium berberine and three more key compounds
  • Independently UK lab tested for purity

lab certified


You’re doing everything right. 

You’re watching your diet, being active and tracking your numbers. 

But if you still need help supporting your body’s conversion of glucose into energy, Met4Min is the high purity formula that will help you do it.

Met4Min is a new premium grade formula that helps to support healthy blood sugar so you can be at your best.

Met4Min’s is formulated based on four key principles:

  • High purity with no unnecessary additives for safe long-term use
  • 4 premium compounds that work together
  • METabolic system optimisation
  • MINimise the biological factors that impact blood sugar levels 

Featuring an optimal dose of berberine combined with three more key compounds, Met4Min is a breakthrough in supporting healthy blood sugar. So you can feel energised, mentally alert and more youthful each day.


99% Purity Formula that’s Free from Unwanted Contaminants

There’s a huge range of blood sugar supplements to choose from. But their ingredient quality and safety can vary a lot. 

What’s rarely mentioned on the label is that many supplements contain unnecessary, and perhaps even toxic, ingredients. 

This includes:

X Additives to increase shelf life

X Anti-caking compounds like silicon dioxide

X Colouring agents like magnesium silicate

X Added flavourings like malic acid

These added ingredients may not affect you much in small doses. But when you’re taking a supplement daily for months, or even years, these additives may start to impact your health.

At Longevity Box we take zero risks when formulating our supplements. 

Which is why Met4Min contains zero flavourings, zero colouring agents or zero additives of any kind. It’s also why we’re proud to promote Met4Min as arguably the safest, highest purity blood sugar supplement on the planet. 


How Does Met4Min Help to Support Healthy Blood Sugar?

Sustaining healthy blood sugar holds the key to feeling energetic, mentally alert and vibrant throughout the day. But the amount of hidden sugars in today’s foods along with lifestyle factors can cause blood glucose levels to spike.

The key to sustaining healthy blood sugar is the hormone insulin. This is because it’s insulin that moves glucose from your bloodstream into your cells. But for that process to work smoothly, your cells must be receptive to opening up to allow glucose in.

Met4Min features four premium ingredients selected based on scientific research for their ability to optimise insulin performance and the flow of glucose into the cells.



Berberine is a compound found naturally in flowering shrubs like barberry, goldenseal and goldthread. 

The use of berberine in Chinese remedies dates back 3,000 years. But it’s only recently that berberine has caught the attention of modern day scientists for its remarkable benefits.

Scientific research shows that berberine helps to support the function of AMPK proteins. And AMPK proteins act like a controller for how fast your cells turn glucose into energy. 

In fact, multiple human clinical studies have confirmed the benefits of berberine, which is why it’s a cornerstone ingredient in Met4Min. 


N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

Cysteine is an amino acid that plays a key role in metabolic functions. This includes the production of a key antioxidant called glutathione.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is the supplement form of cysteine. And through helping to replenish levels of glutathione, NAC provides a range of benefits. In fact, a mounting weight of animal studies now show that supplementing with NAC is beneficial in multiple ways.



Inositol is a type of sugar found naturally in fruits, beans, grains and nuts.

But unlike industrially made sugars, inositol is non-addictive and beneficial for the human body. When used in supplements, inositol is referred to by its molecular name  myo-inositol.



Chromium is an essential trace element which is accepted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for its ability to help maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Chromium acts as a key building block for a molecule called chromodulin. And chromodulin helps insulin move glucose into the cells to be burned as energy. As a result, multiple studies show that supplementing with chromium helps to support healthy blood sugar. 


Our Mission to Help Everyone Feel Healthier for Longer

Huge advances are being made in the world of nutritional science. But most people are unaware of these advances, or how to benefit from them.

Longevity Box was born from the desire of a husband and wife team to bring advances in nutritional science to more people.

So Max and Caroline dedicated themselves to finding a way of making cutting-edge health supplements more affordable, without cutting back on purity or potency.

It was a long, hard struggle. But through finding creative ways to reduce costs and the benefits of scale, Max and Caroline finally succeeded in their mission. 

And so Longevity Box was born - To help people around the world to live better, to live healthier and to live for longer!

Join Thousands of People Enjoying Healthy Blood Sugar with the Help of Met4Min!

How Met4Min Works in 3 Steps

  1. The hormone insulin helps to manage the flow of glucose from your bloodstream into your cells
  2. Met4Min helps support insulin at normal levels so your cells can turn glucose into energy
  3. You feel energetic, clear-minded and youthful throughout the day


Premium Grade Safety, Purity and Quality

Ensuring maximum levels of safety, purity and quality is everything to us.

We decided early on that every supplement we develop must be supremely pure, with no unnecessary ingredients like fillers, binders or additives. Because we only want to produce supplements we’d happily take ourselves.

Before launching Longevity Box, we searched globally to find the best suppliers and third party testing labs. This now ensures our products are 99% pure, and we have the purity certifications to prove it.


Commitment to the Best Ingredients at the Best Prices

It shouldn't be only tech billionaires benefiting from the advances in longevity science. Through finding creative ways to manage costs, Longevity Box is able to provide premium grade longevity supplements at a price anyone can afford:

We Buy Big

We buy each batch of ingredients directly from the world’s best manufacturers in large quantities.

Keep Simple

We keep our packaging simple to minimise printing costs. We also don’t use outer boxes that just end up in landfill.

Stay Humble

We're a family run business launched to improve the world’s healthspan, not to generate bloated profits for shareholders.


Gain the Best Results and Biggest Savings from Daily Use

A single bpack of Met4Min is a great way to try it out. However, due to the amount of hidden sugars in today’s food, keeping blood sugar balanced is a daily challenge.

For this reason, we offer a generous discount on multipacks. This is to encourage you to adopt Met4Min as part of your daily health regimen while saving money.

What’s more, the benefits of Met4Min build over time. In fact, it’s after three months that most people notice the biggest benefits from Met4Min. This is why we offer the biggest discounts on the 6-month package. So you can experience the full benefits of Met4Min and save the most amount of money.

Investing in the larger package size will also protect you from the risk of supply shortages, which can happen without warning. So to stay stocked up for longer and to save the most money, we recommend investing in the 6-month package.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in giving Met4Min a try. Because the only way to appreciate how effective it is at helping to balance blood sugar is to try it for yourself.

For this reason, every bottle of Met4Min comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

This means that if within 30 days you don’t notice any benefit or simply change your mind and want your money back, return the unopened bottles to get a full refund.



Why does it cost more than other supplements?

We believe quality and purity are the most important factors when choosing a supplement, as quality determines results. We work tirelessly to find the highest quality ingredients and purity standards, which is why Met4Min may seem more expensive than other supplements. 

But when compared to other blood sugar supplements, Met4Min is actually great value for money. This is because Met4Min is 99% pure, without unnecessary fillers or additives. So you can expect to get a higher dose of its key ingredients than other comparable formulas.

When can I expect results?

Many people notice they feel more energised and mentally focused within two to four weeks. However, each person is different. And some people may require more time to experience the full impact of Met4Min.

The benefits of taking Met4Min also build over time. In other words, the longer you take Met4Min the better the results. 


Is it safe to take Met4Min with my medications?

Met4Min is tested by third party labs in the UK for quality. This ensures maximum purity and safety for long-term use. There have been no reported unwanted side effects from Met4Min.

However, as with any blood sugar supplement, if you’re currently on medication it’s recommended to speak to your doctor before taking Met4Min.


How much should I order? 

A single bottle of Met4Min is a great way to try it out. However, the best results come from continual use over several months. For this reason, we offer a generous discount on the 3 and 6-month packages. So for the biggest savings and biggest benefits, we recommend investing in the larger package sizes.


What if it doesn't work? Can I get my money back?

We want you to feel confident in giving Met4Min a try. So we’re taking on all the risk by supplying every packet with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If within 30 days you don’t notice any benefits at all, simply return the unopened bottles with your order information and we’ll refund your purchase to your card.


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