Margriet van Nieuwburg, Dr

Margriet van Nieuwburg, Dr

IFM Certified Practitioner
IFM Certified Practitioner


The Old Station Office The Street, Little Bealings, Suffolk, UK


00 44 (0)7962 654710

Medical Specialties

Family Medicine

Medical Conditions


adrenal and other hormonal disorders

Weight or Metabolism concerns





Chronic Pain


Anxiety or Bipolar Disorder



Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Migraines and Headaches

Skin Disorders

Autoimmune Disease

Cardiovascular disorders

Chronic Disease

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Digestive disorders



Gluten Sensitivity


Metabolic Syndrome (pre-diabetes - insulin resistance)

Stress-related Conditions

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Hi I'm Dr Margriet and I run a small fucntional medicine practice in Suffolk, where I offer one-to-one functional medicine consultations , as well as health coaching support. I am a huge fan of working in a way that is all about understanding what has gone wrong, and why, and how we can support the body to be well again. I also hugely value the connection between the physical,mental and emotional aspects of well-being , and we include these dimensions in our work together. I work with clients on a variety of issues- anything that you might take to a GP we can work on, but be prepared for the slightly different approach that is functional medicine!

Graduate School Education

Newcastle Medical School, UK 1991

Professional Associations

GMC, Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. IFM

What Patients Can Expect

I work one to one with my clients, using the functional medicine model to create a really broad approach to your health issues.If you are new to functional medicine and not sure of this approach is right for you, I offer a complimentary 15 minute phone appointment to talk things through. Just text me on the number above, and I will be in touch.If, after we have spoken, you decide to go ahead, you will then receive some forms to complete and a contract to sign, and then we get you booked in for your first appointment.The first appointment typically takes about 90 minutes and once we have completed that, we will usually meet once a month, depending on what is needed.All appointments are face-to-face at the clinic.