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The Power of Cold Water Therapy in a Luxurious Build

The Chill Tub is a must-have for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking effective health therapy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ‘Original’ Chill Tub is designed to deliver unmatched performance and long-lasting durability. It also makes an elegant addition to any space. With impressive features and stylish aesthetics, it offers the ultimate recovery experience.

Reduces Muscle Aches & Inflammation

Cold water immersion can significantly reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation in sore muscles or joints. It is highly advantageous for individuals with chronic inflammation or conditions such as arthritis.  Cold water immersion therapy works by making your blood vessels constrict and lowering your body’s temperature, which will greatly reduce inflammation responses brought about by injuries or other medical conditions.

Speeds Up Recovery

Be ready for your next workout or competition in no time! An ice bath can quickly help you recover from fatigue or muscle discomfort, which are common after intense workouts. The cold temperature of this recovery pod helps in reducing the breakdown of muscle fibers to help prevent muscle soreness and stiffness. 

Improves Blood Circulation

One of the main benefits of cold plunges is they can stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, which may help with recovery and reduce the risk of injury. Proper circulation will also allow your organs to function properly, keep your heart healthy and your brain sharp, help to heal wounds faster, and even give your complexion a natural flush.

Fights Anxiety & Depression 

The Chill Tub cold-water therapy can also be used to relieve anxiety and depression. When your body is exposed to cold water, it causes a reaction that releases dopamine and endorphins. These are hormones that can boost your mood and ease any feelings and symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Boosts the Immune System

Widespread anecdotal evidence suggests that cold water immersion can boost the immune system. Many people report feeling healthier and less prone to illness after regular cold water plunge. It is believed that the cold can help to adapt and harden the body to disease and infection. Despite the lack of robust scientific studies on this topic, many people believe in the immune-boosting benefits of taking regular ice baths. 

Improves Brain Function

Improved cognitive performance is a major benefit of an ice bath. If you struggle with focus or concentration, consider jumping in a cold plunge tub to assist in your abilities and improve your performance in studies, work, workouts, or competitions.

No Ice Required

Filtration & Ozone Systems


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Correct use of your cold plunge pool is critical. We will train you exactly how to use and maintain it to ensure you are safely getting the maximum health benefits.

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We will include our unique comfort pack, including a premium non-slip in-bath mat, a premium floor mat, and a Longevity Box branded towel.

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For those that love the detail of data, we will include a digital thermometor so that you know exactly how cold your recovery bath is.

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Proper maintence of your new cold water immersion tub is important. We will include our cleaning kit designed specifically for your equipment. 

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Who is the Chill Tub Recovery Ice Pod Suitable For?

Health Optimisers


Taking ice baths has gained popularity among individuals who are looking to optimise their health and recovery, particularly in terms of muscle recovery and mood enhancement. By immersing in very low water temperatures, health optimisers can help themselves avoid chronic and life-threatening illnesses for a longer period. Spending regular minutes in the ice bath can also help them be in the best shape possible to fight back against disease if it does occur.

Longevity & Anti-Aging Enthusiasts 


Ice baths help to defy age in various ways. For example, cold therapy helps reduce inflammation, which is linked to age-related diseases and conditions. By reducing inflammations, ice baths could contribute to improved overall health and a more youthful appearance.

Cold water can also tighten the skin, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness. Some people use ice or cold water to improve skin tone and texture.



The Chill Tub is perfect for biohackers, or those who self-experiment with lifestyle and technology interventions to optimise their physical and mental performance. Improving sleep, boosting energy, and helping maintain weight are just some of the ways that make ice baths fit into the biohacking world.

Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts


When used correctly and with proper guidance, ice baths can offer amazing benefits to athletes and those who explore fitness paths. After intense training and competition, an ice bath can help reduce muscle pain, stiffness, and soreness. It can also expedite the recovery process, make them feel more alert, and improve their overall athletic performance.

Sufferers of Conditions


Individuals who suffer from conditions such as arthritis believe in ice bath recovery after seeing results. Dipping in a cold water therapy tub can provide relief to arthritis patients by reducing their joint pains and inflammation. It can also trigger the release of endorphins, which have been found to help in relaxation and stress relief for those suffering from anxiety.

Delivering Pure Wellness: Best Ice Bath Water

Equipped with advanced systems, the Chill Tub ensures optimal cleanliness and purity of water for your safety and peace of mind.


Its ozone system effectively removes viruses, bacteria, and impurities, creating a hygienic environment for every session. 


Its filtration system keeps the water crystal-clear, removing debris or particles that may cause a less-than-desirable experience.


To add to your convenience, we include a free insulated cover with every purchase of our ‘Original’ Chill Tub. The cover helps retain the cold temperature of the water and protects the Chill Tub when not in use, preserving its pristine condition. It also adds an extra layer of insulation, allowing you to enjoy extended sessions of premium ice baths.

Happy Chill Tub Users

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help


How cold should the water be for an ice bath?

The recommended temperature for an ice bath is usually between 50°F to 59°F (10°C to 15°C). However, some variations exist, and individual preferences may vary.


You can check the temperature of the water before entering the bath to ensure that the temperature is suitable for you. The temperature is displayed as default on the control panel.

How long should I stay in an ice bath?

The duration of an ice bath typically ranges from 5 to 20 minutes. 


The amount of time you can spend in cold water without suffering from hypothermia is determined by factors such as the temperature of the water, your body size and shape, your level of cold adaptation, and your experience. Beginners may start with shorter durations and gradually increase as they become accustomed to the cold. You can start with safe, short dips of 30 seconds to learn what your limits are. If you begin to feel uncomfortable or you start to shiver, listen to your body, get out, and slowly warm up by walking around.

Are there any risks associated with ice baths?

It’s important to note that ice baths are not suitable for everyone and can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for some individuals. It’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new recovery routine.


We advise that people with reduced mobility, sensory, and/or cognitive abilities only use this product if supervised and only if they have the knowledge necessary to use the equipment safely, They must also understand the dangers arising from improper use.


Tolerance to cold water varies from person to person and we recommend being mindful of gradually building up the duration of use with the product. Please be cautious especially when using it alone.


Children must be supervised to make sure they do not play with the equipment and do not carry out operations to be performed by adults (cleaning cycles/maintenance). Always attach the cover when not in use. Small children are not advised to use the product.


Pregnant women should talk to a doctor first. Low temperatures are not advised. Anybody under medical care, such as people with heart conditions, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, or other health problems must not use the product without first consulting their doctor. People with infectious diseases should not use the product without first consulting their doctor.

Can I dip in the ice bath after drinking alcohol?

Do not take an ice bath after drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs. The use of alcohol or drugs can greatly increase the risk of fatal hypothermia when using the product.

What should I do after an ice bath to maximize its benefits?

Warm up gradually, hydrate, and engage in light movement or stretching to aid in recovery. Relax and enjoy the benefits!