Spermidine science

About Spermidine:

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Spermidine is a polyamine that can be found in all living organisms and is fundamental for the regeneration of tissues, cell proliferation, and the growth of cells. It is involved in multiple cellular processes such as gene transcription, translation, maintenance of genomic DNA stability, cell proliferation, and cell survival. Critically, homeostatic imbalance, which causes cellular malfunction, is believed to be an underlying factor responsible for most diseases.


Whilst initially present in the human body, Spermidine reduces naturally with age.  Curiously, the age-related decrease in spermidine levels does not happen in the mole-rats that are naked, that live ten times longer than other rat types of the equivalent size. 

Minute amounts of Spermidine can be naturally found in various fruits and vegetables , ranging  0.025 - 0.25 mg per gram (i.e 0.025% - 0.25%). Whilst it is encouraged to get Spermidine from these food sources as part of a healthy and balanced diet, the health benefits will not be realised at this level. 

How Does Spermidine Work?

Perhaps most interestingly for Longevity advocates and Biohackers, Spermidine works on a cellular level to promote autophagy – a mechanism that allows for cell regeneration and renewal. Spermidine is additionally crucial to the cycles associated with controlling memory, learning, and apoptosis.

The capacity of Spermidine to induce autophagy has a number of impacts, as it plays a key role in the mechanisms of the molecules and cells engaged with the modulation of the immune system, stem cell functions, neuro aging, aging, cardioprotection. 

Spermidine can be considered a caloric restriction mimetic i.e. it mirrors the advantages related to calorie restriction protocols which have been proven in thousands of studies to extend lifespan and healthspan in all living organisms.

Pure spermidine is considered as a research chemical and cannot be utilized for consumption by humans, so spermidine must be enhanced by means of whole food or concentrate sources. 


Longevity Box Spermidine

In contrast to the minute levels of Spermidine found in most foods, Longevity Box Spermidine has significantly higher levels and has been verified to contain over 1.1mg per gram (1.1%). This means that a one gram serving of our Spermidine can have between 4 and 40 times more of the active ingredient than other food sources. Buy Pure Spermidine Supplement in the UK - 100% Natural.


Longevity Box Spermidine is a unique strain of Chlorella - minute, single-cell algae, which live in fresh water ponds and lakes. In addition to high Spermidine levels, our product contains many health-focused nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3 fats.


Chlorella is a well established health-promoting nutrient with hundreds of studies supporting its use and benefits.  In many societies, Chlorella is a regular part of people's diet, with more than 7 million individuals in Japan consuming chlorella consistently on a regular basis.

The Supplement Market has recently seen an influx of wheat-based Spermidine Supplements. there is mounting evidence to suggest that wheat is not a suitable food source for a majority of people, whether they are ‘wheat intolerant’ or not. Indeed, some people have extreme reactions to minute amounts of wheat. Whilst these wheat-based supplements can be found to have comparable levels of Spermidine to our products, the cost of such wheat-based alternatives equate to between £1-£2 per mg of active ingredients, whereas our Spermidine equates to £0.06 - £0.08 per mg - well over 10 times cheaper and without the extensive industrialised processing involved in wheat-germ extraction.