How to take NMN

NMN supplements are quite simple to take - you can:


  • Swallow it as a powder.
  • Take it with water. This is how most of the studies have administered NMN.
  • Mix in food. This is what Dr David Sinclair does.
  • Take it sublingually (i.e. let it dissolve under the tongue for 20-30 seconds)

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For optimal absorption take sublingually without food (unless it causes GI Distress).

Dosage: Determining your NMN dosage typically starts at 500mg, with many opting for 1000mg to 2000mg daily. The upper limit is suggested at 2000mg, as higher doses may not offer additional benefits and could lead to side effects, though some users report positive experiences with higher amounts. 

Consider personal goals and consult a healthcare professional when deciding on dosage. Dr. David Sinclair takes 1000mg of NMN alongside other supplements like Resveratrol, Vitamin D, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Metformin (a medication for blood sugar management).

Supplements To Pair With: NR, TMG, Apegenin & Resveratrol are all supplements that work along the same pathway to achieve increased NAD+ production. If these other supplements are also a part of your regime - taking them together can be beneficial.

When To Take: Many people are unaware of how NMN & NAD+ play a role in our cell's circadian rhythm - providing a sort of stimulating effect by signaling its ‘day time’ to the body and brain. Therefore it’s recommended to take NMn during the morning/early parts of the day to A) increase energy levels during the day and B) not interfere with sleep.

How Long Will It Take To See Effects of NMN?

The effects of NMN vary among individuals, with some experiencing physical sensations while others do not. Several factors contribute to this variation:

  • Cumulative effects may take time to manifest, with studies suggesting a 90-day period for noticeable benefits.
  • Individual differences in overall health and metabolism affect the rate of absorption and response to NMN.
  • Expectations and mindset influence perception; some may anticipate dramatic changes and overlook subtle improvements.
  • NMN and similar supplements primarily target long-term health benefits rather than immediate sensations, akin to the gradual benefits of healthy habits like eating vegetables or using sunscreen.

The best way to measure NMN’s effectiveness is via testing your NAD+ levels before and 3-6 months after you’ve been supplementing via a NAD Blood Test.

Storage: ​​To store NMN effectively, use an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Contrary to a common misconception, NMN doesn't require refrigeration for short-term storage, as its purity degrades over months, not days. While refrigeration is advisable for large quantities, NMN can be kept in cool, dark storage during travel or holidays without immediate degradation.

How Long To Take NMN? 

Longevity and health optimization supplements, including NMN, require consistent, long-term use for optimal benefits, similar to exercise for maintaining fitness.

To maximize the benefits of current science, it's essential to maintain a supplement regimen until better methods emerge. Stopping NMN intake will cause NAD levels to return to baseline, though short breaks won't immediately impact levels. Extended periods without NMN may prevent NAD+ levels from surpassing natural baselines.

Should I Cycle NMN?

(Supplement Cycling: Cycling involves periodically taking a supplement followed by a break to prevent tolerance buildup. Typically, it involves two phases: "On" Period: Taking the supplement as directed to receive its benefits. "Off" Period: Ceasing supplement intake for a set duration to allow the body to reset and avoid adaptation.)

As discussed above, we believe that longevity supplements need to be taken for the long term, and as such, cycling on and off is not advisable unless you are considering routines like a month on, two days off (or similar). All of the studies to date with NMN have involved consistent intake, and not cycling.


When can I expect Results?

The benefits of NMN can be near-instant or can take some time to build up. Many people report an increase in energy and focus within two to four weeks. However, each person is different. And some people may require more time to achieve their desired results.

Much like Resveratrol and other anti-ageing food supplements, the benefits of taking NMN also build over time. In other words, the longer you take it the better the long-term results. And the bigger the benefits for your energy, brain power, heart health and all-around longevity.

It has been clinically proven that NMN increases NAD levels and so for some people, it just takes a bit longer to see and feel the difference.

Is it safe to take NMN Powder with my medications?

All of our products are produced in GMP standards facilities and purity tested by third-party labs for quality. This ensures maximum purity and safety for long-term use. There have been no reported unwanted side effects from NMN.

However, as with any supplement, if you're currently on medication it's recommended to speak to your doctor before taking it. When discussing supplementation with NMN with your GP they may refer to it as, or be more familiar with the term b-nicotinamide mononucleotide.