3rd Party Lab Certs

At LongevityBox we are committed to sourcing the highest purity longevity supplements on the market. Our products are pharmaceutical grade and independently verified for quality and purity by renowned third party test laboratories.


We work with well established suppliers that have regular factory inspections and are certified with CGMP and ISO to ensure the highest standards are consistently met. We have third party independent laboratories test every batch of product that is produced and display on our website the latest tests for the batch that is currently in stock.




Our latest third party independent test certificates for our current batch of Longevity supplements.


Independent laboratory testing is critical to ensure that the product is at least 99% pure and contains no dangerous levels of heavy metals or micro-organisms.If a retailer of is not providing test results then there is no certainty that there products is pure or even the product that they claim it to be and whether it’s safe for human consumption. Establishing purity and authenticity is critical when consuming small molecule Longevity supplements like NMN. It is clear that the market has many websites selling impure or fake NMN.


Every batch of Longevity Box supplements is independently verified to have a purity of at least 99%, with no dangerous levels of heavy metals or micro-organisms. You can find the latest certifications for each product here:



  • NMN purity certificates
  • Resveratrol purity certificates
  • NR purity certificates
  • Ca-AKG purity certificates


    We are committed to your long term health and will always ensure our products are of the highest purity and quality.