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NMN and NR are the most popular NAD supplements on the market, but which one is most effective? The experts disagree on...
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NMN and NR are the most popular NAD supplements on the market, but which one is most effective? The experts disagree on which one delivers the best results. There is an unproven hypothesis that it's probably not sensible to take them both at the same time. But what about cycling on/off between them?

What is Supplement Cycling?

Supplement cycling is where you take a supplement for a set time, then have another set time off. It might be a short time, like only taking something on weekdays and not on weekends, or it could be several months on followed by a few weeks off, before starting all over again.

Why should I consider cycling between NMN and NR Supplement?

There are a number of reasons why cycling between NMN and NR may be a good idea. An important reason is Tolerance. With some supplements, your body can become accustomed to them, and they stop having the same effect. Well-known examples are stimulants like Caffeine and Alcohol, if you’re taking it every day, eventually you’ll need to take more to get the same effect.

Another factor is the idea of Suppression which is where your body establishes that it's receiving a lot more of something than it usually does, so it decides to stop making its own. An example would be if you’re taking Melatonin to aid sleep. If you’re taking lots of it for a long time, your body thinks it can just relax and not worry about making it's own any more.

There's also Threshold to consider. Once your body has absorbed all of a supplement that it can use, any extra is just flushed away. This is the classic cynicism against many supplements - once you hit the maximum amount your body can use, the rest just gets flushed out of your system as "expensive urine".

How to cycle NMN and NR Supplement

This could be done in a number of ways. None of these have been studied extensively and are not proven to be better than selecting either NMN or NR and sticking with it. But, if you believe the principles above have merit, you may consider alternating between NMN and NR each day, or perhaps run for a week on each, or maybe alternating every month is better for you. 

Whichever method you choose, we've got your back. We’ve brought NMN and NR supplements together for a great value combo to help you to live at your best for longer.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, also known as NMN is an entirely natural compound found in our bodies that has been scientifically synthesized. NMN is a direct precursor of the essential molecule Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) and is understood to be a key component to increasing NAD+ levels in cells. NAD+ is an essential coenzyme that is essential for a multitude of cellular functions. Importantly, NAD+ is the 2nd most abundant molecule in the human body with water being the first; without NAD+ we would die in around 30 seconds.

Crucially, the levels of NAD+ fall progressively as we age. By the time we are 50, our NAD+ levels are about 50% of what they were when we were

Nicotinamide riboside, also known as NR is one of our most popular supplements and an alternative form of vitamin B3. When consumed, NR is converted into NAD+, which is a naturally occurring process.

Research has shown that by the time we hit 50, our NAD+ levels will be half of what they were in our 20’s. 

As we age, we see significant changes in both our appearance and our overall energy levels. Our skin becomes thinner and less smooth and also begins to sag and wrinkle. At the same time easy tasks can become more difficult, with more rest being needed between them. 

Although this is a natural part of aging, the process itself can be slowed dramatically with the right diet and lifestyle. 

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