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NAD is the body’s most vital molecule for longevity. In fact, your brain, your muscles, your heart and every organ in your body relies on it for peak performance. And when you have optimal NAD levels you naturally feel more energetic, focused and youthful at any age.

NMN or nicotinamide mononucleotide is the number one precursor to NAD and the best way to boost NAD.

Longevity Box’s NMN powder is the world’s ultimate NAD booster and supports healthy ageing by activating sirtuin pathways. Our high purity sublingual formulation is 500% more bioavailable. This means it’s absorbed more readily by every cell in your body. And it offers the highest possible NAD+ boost for your money.

So if you’re looking for the best way to optimise your levels of NAD and to feel more energised, focused and vibrant each day while supporting your healthspan for the long-term, Longevity Box’s NMN powder is the high purity, high absorption formula that will help you do it.

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The results speak for themselves

NMN product

I have only been taking NMN about a month. I know there is something amazing taking place. I look forward to growing younger and younger.


Positive First Impression

Initially impressed with the science and reviews,
Now I'm impressed with the product and the immediate results!


High Quality

The best way to take NMN is as a sublingual powder. I jave tried various products and can now tell by "taste" if it is the real thing. This is a good quality product and I'll probably stick with this. I can feel it working after taking.


Premium Grade Safety, Purity and Quality

Ensuring maximum levels of safety, purity and quality is everything to us. We decided early on that every supplement we develop must be supremely pure, with no unnecessary ingredients like fillers, binders or additives. Because we only want to produce supplements we’d happily take ourselves. Before launching Longevity Box, we searched globally to find the best suppliers and 3rd party testing labs. This now ensures our products are 99% pure, and we have the purity certifications to prove it.

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What is NAD and Why is it Vital for Longevity?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. And NAD is the body’s most important molecule for longevity. It’s NAD that promotes DNA repair and energy production in every human cell. And it’s NAD that helps your heart to pump blood, your brain cells to fire and for every organ in your body to work at its best.

But like everything else in the body, our NAD stores plummet with age. In fact, by age 50 your NAD levels are likely half what they were in your adventurous 20s. This helps explain why your energy levels, mental focus and feeling of youthfulness can all seem to plummet with each passing year.

NMN supplementation inreases NAD levels which in turn increases energy levels which in turn has a direct positive effect on cellular energy.

Our Unique 700 Day Purity Guarantee

We are committed to the purity of our products - not just on the day they arrive with us - but the day you finish taking them. As such, we offer a unique 700-day purity guarantee. If you store your products correctly, their purity is guaranteed for 700 days. For NMN, this means storing it in an airtight container (our pack is fine) and in a dark, cool, and dry space if you have a month's supply. If you have more than a month's supply, keep it in the freezer, transferring a month's supply at a time to your dark, cool, and dry space.

Free Ultimate Guide To NMN

With your order you will get our 26-Page Ultimate Guide to NMN, delivering a wealth of insights on how to get the most from your investment in this amazing longevity compound. Learn the nuances of effective NMN dosage, the ideal time for intake, and proper storage practices. Explore intriguing sections on the benefits of how NMN is made (and why this matters), sublingual administration and the strategy of supplement cycling; this guide is a treasure trove of practical tips for those ready to optimise their health regimen. Every question you could ever have about NMN - answered!

Commitment to the Best Ingredients at the Best Prices

It shouldn't be only tech billionaires benefiting from the advances in longevity science. Through finding creative ways to manage costs, Longevity Box is able to provide premium grade longevity supplements at a price anyone can afford:

Buy Big

We buy each batch of ingredients directly from the world’s best manufacturers in large quantities.

Keep Simple

We keep our packaging simple to minimise printing costs. We also don’t use outer boxes that just end up in landfill.

Stay Humble

We're a family run business launched to improve the world’s healthspan, not to generate bloated profits for shareholders.

Small and mighty

Just a teeny 500mg scoop every day is all it takes to feel great today and build a healthier future for tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through some of our most commonly asked questions below.

  • Why does it cost more than other supplements?

  • We believe quality and purity are the most important factors when choosing a supplement, as quality determines results. We work tirelessly to find the highest quality ingredients and purity standards, which is why our NMN powder may seem more expensive than other supplements. 

    But when compared to other products on the market, ours is actually great value for money. This is because our NMN powder is 99% pure and 500% more bioavailable. In other words, you gain a higher dose for your money.

  • When can I expect results?

  • The benefits of NMN can be near-instant, or can take some time to build up. Many people report an increase in energy and focus within two to four weeks. However, each person is different. And some people may require more time to achieve their desired results.

    Much like Resveratrol and other anti-ageing food supplement, the benefits of taking NMN also build over time. In other words, the longer you take it the better the long term results. And the bigger the benefits for your energy, brain power, heart health and all round longevity.

    It has been clinically proven that NMN increases NAD levels and so for some people, it just takes a bit longer to see and feel the difference.

  • Is it safe to take NMN powder with my medications?

  • All of our products are produced in gmp standards facilities and purity tested by third party labs for quality. This ensures maximum purity and safety for long-term use. There have been no reported unwanted side effects from NMN.

    However, as with any supplement, if you’re currently on medication it’s recommended to speak to your doctor before taking it. When discussing supplementation with NMN with your GP they may refer to it as, or be more familiar with the term b-nicotinamide mononucleotide.

  • How should I store NMN powder?

  • NMN does degrade over time. While its degradation is slow at room temperature, degradation can be slowed even further by storing it in a fridge.

    If you are planning to buy more than 3 months supply, we recommend storing the additional packets in the fridge. 

  • How much should I order?

  • A small 30 gram packet is a great way to try it out. However, the best results come from continual use over several months. For this reason, we offer better proces for larger packs. So for the biggest savings and biggest benefits for your longevity, we recommend investing in the 120 gram packs.

  • What if it doesn't work? Can I get my money back?

  • We want you to feel confident in taking this supplement. So we’re taking on all the risk by supplying every packet with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

    If within 30 days you don’t notice a boost to your energy, focus or notice no benefits at all, simply return the packet with your order information and we’ll refund your purchase to your card.

  • What is the sugegsted dosage and timing?

  • We recommend taking NMN sublingually on an empty stomach in the morning, as we believe this is the most bioavailable method, plus it's quick and efficient. However, NMN or NR can also be taken orally with food or water. We provide a powder form as we believe that capsules are not needed, plus it allows people to easily take 1g, 500mg, 250mg or their preferred dosage. Dr David Sinclair, the leading anti-aging researcher, takes 1g although we recognise that this may not be practical or affordable for some people. 500mg is equal to one capsule daily.

  • What benefits can I expect?

  • Research suggests that NMN can promote longevity, energy metabolism, brain health, via its action on anti-ageing pathways. Many people report it making a huge different with various health benefits including increased energy and aerobic capacity, better cognition as well as improved skin and hair.

    Pure NMN powder for peak NAD+ levels and optimal longevity - more than 99% pure with third party certification. 


  • World’s highest purity NMN supplement (more than 99%)
  • Faster absorption and faster results
  • Reliably support optimal NAD+ levels
  • Independently UK lab tested

  • lab certified

    Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, also known as NMN (beta-Nicotinamide mononucleotide or β-NMN) is an entirely natural compound found in our bodies that has been scientifically synthesized and found to be a powerful longevity supplement. Scientifically speaking, it is a nucleotide that has been derived from ribose and nicotinamide. Its chemical formula is C11H15N2O8P and it is a vitamin B3 Metabolite. Besides the human body, it is also found in food items such as cabbage or broccoli in traces.


    It is a ribonucleotide (nucleic acid RNA’s basic structural unit) on a molecular level, with its structural molecular composition comprising:

    • Nicotinamide group
    • Ribose
    • Phosphate group

    In 2013, a breakthrough study conducted on mice by scientists at Harvard University revealed it to be a powerful longevity compound and emphasized its importance for human consumption. In 2015, it was synthesized by scientists but the process of its manufacturing was very costly. It wasn’t until around 2018 that it was refined sufficiently and production costs were reduced enough for it to be ready for mass production. 


    How Does NMN Work?


    NMN is the direct precursor of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD+ and plays a vital role to increase the amount of NAD+ in human cells. NAD+ is an essential coenzyme (coenzymes are catalysts needed by enzymes to complete their biochemical reactions) that is essential for a number of cellular functions. NAD+ happens to be the 2nd most abundant molecule in the human body with water being the first; without NAD+, it is present in all organisms and an important benefactor for life. 


    NAD+ is an oxidized form of NAD and was first discovered in 1906. Supplements containing NAD+ can’t help to boost the level of NAD+ in the human body because of the large size of the molecule that prevents it from crossing the cell membrane to enter cells. This is why NMN needs to be consumed in order to boost the production of NAD+ molecule that is not only good for mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) but also for a number of proteins throughout the body such as Sirtuins that help to repair DNA that has been damaged by aging. Additionally, it has also been shown to reverse the adverse effects of age-related diseases in lab trials conducted on animals; this includes:

    • Fighting against metabolic disorders
    • Regulating and improving heart functions
    • Reducing Neurodegeneration
    • Strengthening immune system
    • Preventing age-related diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.


    Health expert Rhonda Patrick explains what NAD+ is, why it is so important for aging and why it declines with age. She discusses the NAD+ boosters like nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide.


    Dosage and Guidelines:

    Initial Precaution:

    NMN represents one of the final steps of NAD+ synthesis besides all the other precursors that play their part in its production, hence its importance for the production of NAD+ is undeniably more significant. In terms of dosage, it is advised to all the individuals taking it for the first time to start with a low dose and take the first dose to determine whether the product suits them or if their body reacting against it (it is highly unlikely and no such cases have been recorded).

    The first dose should not exceed more than 50-60 mg and taken as per the directions indicated on the packaging. The subject should monitor themselves carefully and remain responsive towards any possible adverse side-effects or reactions. It is most likely that there won’t be any reaction/s, in which, case, the subject can proceed with regular dosage from the following day. 


    Directions for Regular Use:

    The most preferred administration for NMN is ‘Sublingual Administration’ where the subject should place their daily dose under their tongue and allow it to dissolve and be absorbed. To increase the effectiveness, it is advised to divide the daily dose into smaller portions that the subject should consume throughout the day.

    Alternatively, the daily recommended dose can be mixed in 100ml water and drunk. The water-mixed dose may also be sprinkled onto food and consumed (this method may lower the bioavailability of NMN).



    The best method for the administration of NMN is still debated as some studies suggest that the oral consumption of NMN blocks or limits its delivery to tissues by the liver. On the other hand, several studies suggest the existence of a transporter gene in the small intestine from where it is carried away to cells. 

    The advantage of sublingual administration over forms of consumption is that it allows for direct absorption of NMN into the blood and bypasses the digestive tract, hence resulting in a much more efficient rate of absorption.


    Recommended Daily Dosage: grams per day.

    Upped Dosage (Depending upon the age and other factors):

    1 gram per day.



    We suggest our valued clients take periodic breaks from NMN (one to two days off) on a weekly basis. though there is no evidence to suggest whether this practice is beneficial or not, it has been observed that periodic breaks can help the body to respond positively to such treatments.



    • If you are on prescribed medication or have been medicating for a long term previously, then it is best to consult with your doctor before starting with NMN. 
    • Keep the contents in the provided packaging or an airtight glass jar. Keep away from sunlight and avoid exposure to a temperature above 24 degrees Celsius. Keep in a cool dry place and don’t expose the contents to moisture. This product can be kept in a fridge or refrigerator.


    References and Further Readings:

    For the convenience of the customers and enthusiasts, listed below are several links for reference. Please keep in mind that none of the sources listed below is affiliated with Longevity Box in any way.


    For video resources, you can watch this video for Dr. David Sinclair (duration 1 hour and 12 minutes). This is also an excellent resource with a lot of useful information from Dr. Brad Stanfield (duration 30 minutes). 

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    Our Packaging:

    • NMN powder is provided and supplied in re-sealable food-graded/food-safe pouches/bags that are transparent on one side. This transparent-sided pouch/bag is provided in another bag/pouch that prevents any moisture or light from entering the transparent-sided pouch. It is advised to keep the clear-sided bad/pouch in this protective bag/pouch at all times. Additionally, there is a scooping spoon provided that carries 500 mg NMN powder when levelled. 



    • It is advised to use this product at your own discretion. NMN is a fairly recently discovered product and long-term effects on humans are yet to be determined. 
    • This is just a supplement and should not be considered as an alternative for a varied diet.
    • Consult with your doctor before incorporating it into your daily routine.
    • The research pertaining to NMN is still ongoing and new data is surfacing on a daily basis. this means that data on our website is subject to change.


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