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Pure NMN Sublingual Powder
Christopher Dann
First use review

I'm 54 & started taking NMN to help reduce the aging process! I guess only time will tell on this one. However, i run around 3Km every other day after a week of taking NMN my run times were faster by about a min! it felt easier & I had more energy & felt slightly sharper mentally. Also when sleeping I had more vivid dreams.
So far generally having a positive effect for me.

Provide Dry Ice/Cooling Packs!

Would love a cooling/dry ice pad inside the package, to avoid conversion into Nicotinamide, which inhibits SIRT1! Bad!

Provide as an extra optional cost, and I'll pay it for sure.

Problem with first order

I subscribed to 30g per month. However, there has been a problem with the order and I was sent only 15g. I am still awaiting on the other half of the order despite several emails - I hope this is sorted soon.

Quality product

Arrived in good condition and the resveratrol powder was white an indicator of freshness which is vital. Very pleased!

Pure NR Sublingual Powder
Field Du Boulay
Great results so far

I have been taking NR now for just over a week and I have defiantly noticed an increase in my energy levels. My workouts are more intense, I can concentrate better and I am sleeping much better. Nuff said A+

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James Ferguson
very good product and service.

Good customer contact, best price and happy with purchase.

Review of monthly subscription

The thought of a monthly subscription can scare some people. For me, I know I can cancel at any time and that means that the subscription is under my control.