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Over 99% pure powder  Independently lab tested 100% natural and non-GMO Gluten-free, vegan and allergy friendly Free 0.5g scoop with...
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    • Over 99% pure powder 
    • Independently lab tested
    • 100% natural and non-GMO
    • Gluten-free, vegan and allergy friendly
    • Free 0.5g scoop with every order


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      About Resveratrol:

      Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound and is a polyphenol which is present in a number of common food items such as berries, grapes, vine, peanuts, etc. Plants that produce resveratrol do so partly as a protective mechanism and response to stressors within their environments, including the presence of insects or other predators, damage, injury, and fungal varieties. Resveratrol is believed to be one of the most potent polyphenols.

      The properties of resveratrol were first discovered when researchers established that a variety of yeasts, microbes, insects and animals that were fed resveratrol experienced an increased lifespan. Several studies continued to confirm these properties in their successful work on flies, fish, mice and nematode worms, all of which lived longer compared to control groups that were not treated with this phytonutrient.

      How Does Resveratrol Work?

      Resveratrol can either passively cross cell membranes or interact with its receptors due to its unique physical and chemical properties, making it possible for Resveratrol to interact with inter and extracellular molecules effortlessly. It is because of this that its mechanism of action is triggered by one of the two means (at a cellular level):

      • By developing its effect inside the nucleus
      • Activating intracellular mechanism by first activating signalled pathways when binding to receptors of the cell membrane

      The way it potentially functions as an anti-aging substance can possibly be explained how it activates SIRT. A study suggests that it can directly activate NMNAT enzyme which increases the intracellular activity and levels of NAD+ which is likely to affect SIRT which primarily requires the presence of NAD+ in order to function. In another experiment, human cells were treated with Resveratrol independent of NMNAT enzyme. Even without the presence of NMNAT, Resveratrol still rejuvenated old cells which started to divide and develop longer telomeres with the restoration of the splicing factor expression. The cells not only started to appear younger but behaved more like younger cells as well.

      Our Pure Resveratrol powder supplement is more than 99% pure as tested by a 3rd party laboratory. 


      Experts view:

      Dr Brad Stanfield talks about Resveratrol including how to take and store it.


      Dosage and Guidelines:


      Initial Precaution:

      It is advised to begin taking Resveratrol with a low dose to determine whether the product suits you or if your body is reacting against it (it is highly unlikely and no such cases have been recorded). The first dose should not exceed more than 125mg (taken as per the directions indicated on the packaging) and then monitor for possible adverse side-effects or reactions which are very unlikely and have never been observed.

      Directions for Regular Use:

      There are multiple research papers into the optimum method of absorption of Resveratrol and no current consensus on the best way to take it. Amongst the various papers, it has been observed that Resveratrol’s bioavailability can be improved when consumed with a food that has an element of fat content. This observation is complementary to Dr David Sinclair’s approach which is to take Resveratrol with yoghurt at breakfast. This paper explores the various studies on intake options. Other studies, also included in the aforementioned paper, have indicated taking Resveratrol with green tea will enhance its effects and is best taken on an empty stomach.

      Recommended Daily Dosage:

      0.5 grams per day.

      Upper Dosage (Depending upon the age and other factors):

      2 grams per day.


      If you are on prescribed medication or have been medicating for a long term previously, then it is best to consult with your doctor before starting with Resveratrol. 


      Keep the contents in the provided packaging or an airtight glass jar. Keep away from sunlight and avoid exposure to a temperature above 24 degrees Celsius. Keep in a cool dry place and don’t expose the contents to moisture. This product can be kept in a fridge or refrigerator.


      Store your Pure Resveratrol Powder in our dark amber glass jars to ensure no air or contaminants are exposed to your supplements


      Our Packaging:

      • Longevity Box Pure Resveratrol Powder is provided and supplied in re-sealable food-graded/food-safe pouches/bags that are transparent on one side. It is recommended that this transparent-sided pouch/bag is stored in another bag/pouch to prevent any moisture or light from entering the transparent-sided pouch. It is advised to keep the clear-sided bad/pouch in this protective bag/pouch at all times.
      • A measuring spoon is provided that carries 125 mg Resveratrol powder when levelled. 
      • Extra scooping spoons can also be purchased from the website. Bigger spoons that can scoop 250 mg Resveratrol powder are also available for our valued customers. 
      • We also have specially-darkened glass jars available for keeping Resveratrol powder. These jars can contain up to 50g Resveratrol powder, are re-sealable, and airtight. 


      References and Further Readings:

      For the convenience of the customers and enthusiasts, listed below are several links for references. Please keep in mind that none of the sources listed below is affiliated with Longevity Box in any way, nor did they use our Pure Resveratrol Powder in their studies. For video resources, you can watch this video (duration 57 minutes). Other resources include:


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      • It is advised to use this product at your own discretion. Resveratrol mass-production started in 2000 and long-term effects on humans are yet to be determined. 
      • This is just a supplement and should not be considered as an alternative for a varied diet.
      • Consult with your doctor before incorporating it into your daily routine.
      • In the test-tube analysis, Resveratrol has been found to inhibit platelet aggregation; higher intake with blood thinners and anticoagulants may cause bruising or bleeding.
      • Research around Resveratrol is still ongoing and as more is discovered about Resveratrol, the content on the website may get updated or changed altogether.

      Purity Certificates

      At Longevity Box we are committed to sourcing the highest purity longevity supplements on the market. Our products are pharmaceutical grade and independently verified for quality and purity by renowned third party test laboratories.

      We work with well established suppliers that have regular factory inspections and are certified with CGMP and ISO to ensure the highest standards are consistently met. We have third party independent laboratories test every batch of product that is produced and display on our website the latest tests for the batch that is currently in stock.


      Please see below the latest third party independent test certificates for our current batch of Longevity supplements.

      Independent laboratory testing is critical to ensure that the product is at least 99% pure and contains no dangerous levels of heavy metals or micro-organisms. If an online retailer is not providing test results then there is no certainty that there products is pure or even the product that they claim it to be and whether it’s safe for human consumption. Establishing purity and authenticity is critical when consuming small molecule longevity supplements like NMN. It is clear that the market has many websites selling impure or fake NMN.

      Every batch of Longevity Box supplements is independently verified to have a purity of at least 99%, with no dangerous levels of heavy metals or micro-organisms. You can find the latest certifications for each product here: 

      NMN purity certificates 
      Resveratrol purity certificates
      NR purity certificates
      Ca-AKG purity certificates

      Apigenin purity certificates

      We are committed to your long term health and will always ensure our products are of the highest purity and quality.

      Money Back Guarantee

      We want you to be delighted with every purchase from us. In the unfortunate and unlikely event that you’re not delighted we offer a 30-day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. 

      With our Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee we are committed to:

      - Issuing a full refund for all unopened products

      - Issuing a refund of 50% of the purchase price for returned products that have at least 50% of the product remaining for products up to the value of £300

       Return Procedures: Please send an email to with your complete name, address, phone # and your order # . Once we have received this email and confirmed that your order is eligible to be returned, we will provide you with a return authorisation number and a return address to send the goods.

       Once we have received your return package we will inspect for quality to ensure the product you return is genuine. This authenticity inspection may take up to 30 days. Upon confirmation of authenticity, you will receive your refund and email confirming that your return request has been accepted. You will either be credited back to your Card, or PayPal. Please allow 5 working days for us to process the refund and up to 5 working days to receive your refund by card.

       Unfortunately it is not possible for us to refund any delivery charges incurred when sending the product back to us.